At Fident Implant Laboratory we hand craft custom made implants to match the shade and size of your patients teeth.

Metal ceramics

All our frameworks for porcelain fused to metal restorations are CAD/CAM designed and milled for consistent high quality.
The frameworks offer excellent value for money along with marginal integrity, strength, and aesthetics.


Gifted with natural translucency, Zirconia is a perfect marginal fit, thanks to precision CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. The tooth-coloured translucent substructure ensures that the natural tooth shade comes right from the internal framework level.

IPS E.max

IPS EMAX allows you to offer patients impeccable esthetic restorations combined with high mechanical strength. You can choose the most suitable all-ceramic material depending on the case at hand and the required strength.


Dental materials used by CAD/CAM systems are manufactured using standardised manufacturing procedures under strict quality control. These materials are generally better in quality, strength, and durability than those used to make dental restorations in the traditional casting process.

Shade taking

For best results when matching a shade in the esthetic zone, we recommend communicating shade information with high quality digital photos. Your photos can be emailed to or submitted to our website:

Digital models

Digital impressions create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth They capture clear and highly accurate impression data in minutes, without the need for traditional messy and uncomfortable impression material.